Austin Unified Development Agreement

As required by the Texas Local Government Code, municipalities may enter into a non-annexation agreement with YSS landowners to continue the current use of agricultural animals, wildlife or wood-growing products, by granting the city an allocation to impose municipal rules on the land, unless they are involved in agricultural uses. The agreement also allows the city to annex the land if the landowner decides to change the use to something other than agriculture or to opt for subdivision of the land. This requirement applies to a non-residential construction or supply area anywhere in the non-communal area of more than 3 hectares, or to a subdivision of more than 20 hectares proposed outside the City of Austin standards, Travis County YSS development standards have been adopted. For more information, see Travis County Code Sections 82.220 – 82.241. During implementation, the development of nature protection preserves local vegetation, sensitive ecological habitat and open space. The waterproof cover of residential construction is kept below 15% and industrial development is less than 45%. Incorporate rainwater management techniques into site planning from the outset, identify, book and design the most favourable sites for rainwater infiltration based on height, soil type and permeability (Arendt, R.) Travis County Code (P. 82.915) requires a developer or owner proposing a subdivision or non-subdivision site development or procurement project to convene a pre-bid meeting with Travis County TNR employees to discuss the project before downloading applications for authorization or application for a licence. Travis County encourages the developer to take this opportunity to share interdisciplinary planning with TNR employees, discuss implementation-specific restrictions, determine how development will have little impact on the environment, and discuss any regulatory challenges that may require a solution. PPFT gives teachers the opportunity to increase their base salary by achieving their own professional goals! PPfT combines evaluation, compensation, leadership and professional development and allows teachers to choose a path that best meets their needs and desires.

Learn more on the PPFT page! Special education scholarship 2,000 USD per year for special education teachers and authorized assistance staff – 500 USD per year if you serve in life settings, scores and SBS. A bilingual scholarship of $6,000 per year for bilingual teachers From salaries to scholarships, from health care to child care, we invest in our educators and employees. We assure you that when you call AISD your home, you will be well cared for in and out of the classroom. National Board Certified Teacher Donor $2,000 per year for National Board Certified Classroom Teachers, Consultants and Librarians Starting in 2018, the city of Pflugerville includes 24.5 sq.mi. and has 39.7 sq.mi in the YSS. The District offers our employees and their families a comprehensive and competitive package of benefits to enable them to lead healthy, balanced and fulfilling lives. We offer wellness-incentives, staff assistance programs and discounts for local health and wellness providers in the area. The size of the YSS depends on the size of the population of the municipality. The population of a municipality covers only those within the city limits and does not include the inhabitants within the YSS.

An ETJ can extend as little as 1/2 mile (less than 5,000 inhabitants) or as much as 5 miles (100,000 inhabitants or more).