Federal Government Safe Restart Agreement

In the coming weeks, Nova Scotia will receive federal funding in the following areas: OTTAWA, ON, October 9, 2020 /CNW / CNW – The Government of Canada continues to work with the provinces and territories to ensure that there is basic assistance to continue to protect the health and safety of all Canadians and ensure that jurisdictions have what they need to get their economy back on track and safely. Ontario recognizes the critical importance of nursing PSA over the next six to eight months. This is particularly important because with the return to school and the entry of the province to the third level of its reopening framework, we are looking at the fall, and we are trying to standardize activities while maintaining public health measures. The Safe Restart Agreement will support Ontario`s ongoing investments in PSA, including the development of our domestic PSA production and international purchases. Ontario will also continue to work with the federal government to ensure that Ontario has access to a regular supply of Ontario through the national distribution system, as the federal government has committed to allocating 80 per cent of the EPP between provinces and territories per capita and the remaining 20 per cent is allocated as needed. As we enter the fall and the world continues to face the effects of COVID-19, the Canadian government continues to focus on keeping Canadians safe and healthy, while continuing to ensure they have the help they need during this global health and health crisis. “Fighting COVID-19 and revitalizing our economy safely requires a Team Canada approach. We will continue to work with the provinces and territories to keep Canadians safe and healthy, and build a stronger Canada.┬áThe Government of Canada will provide $4.28 billion to help provinces and territories bear the costs of increasing their capacity to test, establish contacts and share appropriate public health data that will contribute to the fight against the pandemic. In addition, provinces and territories are funded and supported to improve and modernize data management across Canada to help all government missions coordinate their efforts to combat the virus. Provinces and territories will exchange relevant information and data, including data. Canadians receiving long-term care, home care and palliative care have an increased risk of more severe cases of COVID-19. As the economy recovers, it is important to continue to protect and help the elderly and to provide social and health support to other vulnerable groups.

Through the agreement reached earlier this summer, the Canadian government announced more than $19 billion in federal funding to help provinces and territories revitalize the economy safely.