Nab Bpay Biller Agreement

(b) a system by which you can receive or access invoices or electronic excerpts (BPAY view) of participating invoices; The longer the time between the error and the date of your BPAY payment in the NAB display, the more difficult it can be to correct errors. If this is the case, you must prove that an error occurred based on your own records, or contact the account eater directly to correct the error. (c) receive invoices and returns electronically and agree that this fulfills the legal obligations (if any) of an invoice, to provide you with invoices and explanations. For the purposes of point 60.2 nAB, the agents are for each of the invoices you have designated in point (a) above. 61.5 If your personal data mentioned above is not passed on to BPAY Pty Ltd or its representatives, it is not possible to process the payment or use BPAY requested from Bpay View. To contact BPAY Pty Ltd, please call (02) 9646 9222 or e-mail (d) NAB has selected a settlement account (another billing account can then be selected by a user with the agreement of NAB); Then, you and your financial advisor can agree, when creating your account, that your financial advisor waives the right to obtain a commission or any other trailing commission. If such an agreement exists, you can request that NAB pay you an amount equivalent to the trailing commission. Where you make this choice NAB will reduce the amount of commission paid to your financial advisor. Such a discount is credited monthly to your account. When it is reported to NAB that a payment cannot be processed by an accountant, NAB: (a) an electronic payment system whereby a user with BPAY access can ask NAB to make payments (BPAY payments) to participating organizations (“billers”) who tell you that you can make payments through BPAY (BPAY payment) (g) You compensate NAB for any loss or harm that NAB may compensate because of its rights. claim or deed of any kind against NAB, directly or indirectly, because a user has acted negligently or fraudulently under this contract: (c) handle, if you do not remove them, remains accessible on the service, paid or not, up to a maximum of 18 months beyond which they are deleted by the Accountant; (iv) an accountant will not meet his or her obligations under the BPAY system.

c) Subject to clause 59.8, Bpay participants have agreed that a Bpay payment you have made will be treated in the manner in which it will be received by the accountant to whom it is addressed: assistance in the event of unidentified or disputed payments? Send us an email to You will find the payment return form in Schedule A of the BPAY user manual. If you have a regular payment in place and your bank details change, it is your responsibility to inform the accountant. It`s also up to you to update them if your credit or debit card expiry data changes. (i) If a BPAY payment is not made in error within the meaning of item 59.6 (c), an unauthorized payment within the meaning of point 59.6 (d) or a fraudulent payment in accordance with point 59.6 (e), the BPAY payments are irrevocable. No refund by the BPAY system is granted when a user argues with the accountant about goods or services that a user may have purchased with the account. Any dispute must be resolved with the bill eater.