Tenants Agreement Termination

– You chose the 6-month extension of the lease only to give me notice of termination of the lease one week or 2 after October. I was told that they did not know that they had to respect the 6 months, and at the same time, the apartment that interested them in July became available (if I`m not mistaken). – There have been conflicts with the situation, and I am getting to a point where I want to continue. – The preferred option of my tenants is that they stop paying the rent for November and part of December (they move in the first week of December), and I can benefit from the deposit they paid in full (2 months rent). I agreed, because I wanted to continue. – All messages are confirmed by email. – Please guess: a) What should I do from now on? b) Is it normal to rely only on the e-mail communication we have between us as a work conformation? c) If I have to send them a formal letter to greetings, what type of letter should I use? d) When can I start the deposit they paid? e) The down payment is recorded, how can I finish it and claim the deposit, as we have agreed? I just rented an apartment for two sharers. At first, they said they were in a relationship! One of tem said she shared custody of her dog with her last partner and that the dog would not be kept there full time and would never be left alone. The dog is left in the dwelling permanently and alone and damages the property, it also smokes in quality in violation of the rental contract.

The other tenant is really pissed on how we are, she said she can`t live with the other tenant for that reason, (we`re only 2 weeks into the rent), if she only wanted the rent to finish she can and what would happen to the other? Do they have to agree to stop each other? As a general rule, you can cancel at any time, unless you have a break clause or a lease agreement that says otherwise. The person terminating the contract must use the correct form and meet the corresponding notice period. I signed a short secure rental agreement, moving contract agreed as of date, deposit paid, release on old property, 3 weeks from and the owner said owner removed the property and returned the deposit, now anywhere the owner can do so, because a signed lease is certainly a legally binding contract, if vice versa , the landlord can claim compensation, so the same for the potential tenant who pulled the money`s carpet at a late time. A lessor may ask the court to terminate the agreement in the event of special circumstances. Section 8 service should generally be the last option, as it can be long and complicated to follow this route if the tenant decides not to evacuate at the request of the communication. Before you send the message, it`s worth forcing your tenant to give up the lease or try to save a mutual agreement. Of course, it`s not always that simple, sometimes the tenants don`t want to play ball. Then a hammer is useful. A tenant must pay the rent until the day of the notice included and evacuate the property. Sometimes landlords and tenants agree to renew the lease if the tenant has difficulty moving on time. The owner does not need to agree. If the tenant remains in the tenancy agreement without the landlord`s consent, it is an illegal act.

A tenant may ask the court to terminate the lease for difficult reasons if the tenant has a fixed-term contract.