The Journal Of Pediatrics Authorship Agreement

All persons designated as authors must be eligible for paternity (see “Publishing Ethics” above) and all qualified persons should be mentioned. Each author should have participated sufficiently in the work to assume public responsibility for appropriate parts of the content. The contributors` explanation page lists the authors and shows the contributions made by each. If more than one person has the same contributions, they can be listed together; do not list an author more than once. If inappropriate image adaptations are detected by newspaper staff, authors are encouraged to make a statement and submit the image as originally taken before customizing, reducing or tagging. Authors may be asked to resubmit the image created to the above standards. 1. Free Public Access and Copyright Transfer All research articles, regardless of funding for publication, will be made available free of charge on the journal`s website 12 months after publication and will be filed on your behalf in PubMed Central. If you choose this option, there will be no charge and you choose A, B or C for the transfer of copyright in the publication contract. All authors must enter into the publication agreement that indicates this public access option before a manuscript can be accepted for publication.

Manuscripts are evaluated on the basis of importance, originality, scientific strength, clinical relevance and clarity of content. Pediatrics does not publish manuscripts that focus solely on animal research. Read the sections below on the specific reflections on each of the types of manuscripts that appear in the journal. The authors should also consider comprehensive reporting guidelines for a large number of study models available for These can help improve the clarity and completeness of manuscripts. Note that authors who submit manuscripts that describe adverse drug or medical device events or product problems should also report them to the appropriate government authority.