Startup Shareholder Agreement Template

Legally, it is not mandatory to have a formal shareholders` agreement. However, it is recommended that every company have one. Indeed, it provides clarification and a certain degree of security on what is allowed and what is not, on what is possible and what is not possible, on the way the company is managed and on the responsibilities of the shareholders. Parties before the shareholder`s decision: 1st name/address/e-mail/telephone 2. Name/address/e-mail/telephone 3. Name/address/e-mail/telephone Contractual conditions 1. The parties joined in a concept called 2. PandaTip: The distribution or resale of shares externally may involve a large number of legal provisions that are not supposed to apply to this agreement, which is why this clause is important. Yaima Seigley is an attorney with Isaac Wiles (Columbus, Ohio), who advises startups and emerging companies on all aspects of creation, legal operations and related business. She can be contacted at (614) 221-2121 or by e-mail at

A well-crafted shareholders` agreement should include that an important part of creating a stable foundation for each startup is ensuring that key IPO documents are in place. The shareholders` agreement is one such critical document. Also known as the “founder contract”, it is a private contract between the original founders, which defines their rights and obligations with regard to their interests and roles in the company. This document ensures that expectations are clearly defined among all founders and establishes a game plan for managing problems before they arise….