The Four Agreements Group Activities

We are addicted to being the same as we are. We are addicted to anger, jealousy and self-pity” (110). But if we work hard, practice regularly, and constantly focus on love and forgiveness, we will transform into our true self: powerful, loving, free. To do this, Ruiz presents four new agreements that, if adopted, change our entire vision and change what could look like a personal hell of serenity and freedom. And the fourth chord, which always gives the best of itself, is almost like the combination of everything. Because if you do your best, you will be more and more aware of how you work from one moment to the next, meetings, interactions with interaction. Language, for example. B, a market. Those who speak English agree that the word “cat” refers to the small furry mammal, with a long tail and posture.

Just as we had no choice but to use the word “cat,” we don`t have much choice in the other agreements that have been passed on to us by our culture or family.