SuperHosts.net was established in July of 2001 by John M. Hoyt with the goal of providing an affordable and reliable alternative to existing web hosting options. In 2009, John & Pamela Hoyt formed Homeland Secure IT, LLC which acquired SuperHosts.net.

John is not new to the scene… His BBS, AmiConnection (Formerly Non-Profit BBS prior to 1990) was in continuous operation from 1982 until 2005. AmiCon.Net went online in 1995, which was the internet accessible version of the BBS.

Other projects have been the IRC servers (irc.reefer.org) which went online 1998, ExodusIRC.com which went live in 1999, and Gnomes.org which John took over from the infamous Scott Smith & Kelly Cochran in 1998. The IRC server is still reachable at irc.superhosts.net.

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John M. Hoyt & the SuperHosts/Homeland Secure IT Team.

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The SuperHosts.net team consists of:

Ray Akey – System & Technical Admin – This guy does it ALL, on top of being the best coder on the planet. www.codemain.com

Kay Koprowski – Director of Advertising & Promotion. Also friend for life. www.brimfield.org

Pamela Hoyt – Wife & Business partner

Greg Varner – Web Design and Network Engineer

Scott Chitwood – Graphics Artist and System Engineer

Bob Maple – Jack of all trades, graphics, coding. www.Idolum.com

SuperHosts.net is based on the knowledge and skills of all these great people and together, we make an unbeatable team!

Business web solution partner – Greenville, SC